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Need to furnish your condo?

Rocky Point Furniture Solutions is an easy way to shop and furnish your condo or house in Puerto Penasco, MX.  You can purchase individual items or complete turnkey packages to outfit your entire home.

What is Rocky Point Furniture Solutions?

Rocky Point Furniture Solutions is a sister company of Boyds AZ Estate Sales which is located in the Phoenix East Valley, AZ.  

As an Estate Sale sale company, we have access to a wide-variety of high-quality, good condition home furnishings from high-end primary residences and vacation/2nd homes.  

We personally experienced the difficulties and challenges of furnishing multiple condos on Sandy Beach in Rocky Point ourselves, and realized that we had a the ability to provide solutions to both our clients here in AZ and clients in Rocky Point who want to furnish their own vacation homes.  

We judiciously inspect and test everything that we sell to be certain it is in good condition, is clean and in working order.  There can be minor flaws or unnoticeable repairs that do not detract from the overall value of any piece.  Every item is hand-picked by our design teams for its quality, style and functionality.  

The result is a significant cost savings to you — our Rocky Point customer!  We sell every item for the same low price that we would offer it to our local customers.  Then we add in the AZ sales taxes (8.3%), the Mexican Import taxes (16%), the cost of transportation, delivery to your home, and installation into your home.  

We have discounts on transportation because of our volume saving you money compared to the cost of shipping items yourself with a transporter.  You can’t save money on the taxes, they are what they are!  And we have a local individual in Rocky Point who coordinates with you or your HOA for the delivery and final installation.  All of this service is included in our catalog price, so there are no hidden fees or costs.  

With delivery and installation, you won’t be wasting your precious vacation time unpacking, arranging and installing everything — you can go straight to the beach and relax!  

Here are some examples of our pricing so you can see how it works:

Dining Table/Chairs for 6 people $225.00
  MX (16%) & AZ (8.% Taxes $54.68
  Transportation $93.60
  Installation $50.00
Total Price $423.28


    Now think about if you purchased this same type of table brand new:

Dining Table/Chairs for 6 people $625.00+
  MX (16%) & AZ (8.% Taxes $151.88
  Transportation $125.00+
  Installation - You -
Total Price $901.88

A table that we sell for $225 is typically an $650 to $900 table brand new, so that gives you a comparison to the quality you would see for $225; our $325 price is typically $900 - $1200.  Plus, you have to deal with all the logistics of the process, buying the table, paying for delivery to your home, storing it until it ships to Rocky Point, and coordinating delivery with your transporter and HOA yourself.

What are the Best Deals We Offer?

Our best deals are the Complete Turnkey Packages.  These packages are everything you need to start your vacation.  

These packages give you even deeper discounts because you are purchasing in volume, our design team hand-selects every piece and item, and we get bigger transportation discounts for filling the entire transport.  Again, of course the taxes are the taxes — can’t help you there.  

This type of package is great for someone who doesn’t want to spend the time hand-selecting everything, or is overwhelmed trying to put an entire house together that will look great.  

It is also an ideal option for rental owners who just want to get their units up and running as quickly as possible without wasting time handling every detail alone.

What if My House is Larger Than 3 Bedrooms?

You can still take advantage of the great prices in our package deals.  You simply order the 3B/3B package and add additional bedrooms from the Bedroom Only package.  So if you have 5 bedrooms, you will order a 3B/3B package plus two Bedroom Only Packages.  

You still get the great discounts and full installation of everything!  

Can I Choose Specific Items for My Turnkey Package Myself?

No, you cannot.  This is because the Turnkey Packages take advantage of our current stock and the flexibility of our design team being able to pick and choose the perfectly coordinated pieces so that your end result is a great-looking home.  Without this flexibility, the deep discounts that you get in the Turnkey Packages are eliminated.  

We recommend that if you want to select items yourself, that you shop the catalog and hand-pick the items you want.  

You can also add additional items to a package from our catalog.  For example, say you want a sofa table that is not included in your package.  You can order the package and the sofa table separately; or particular artwork, or other added items.  

What if I Want Specialty Items and a Package?

Suppose you want a bunk bed, which is not offered in our Turnkey Packages.  You would simply choose the items you want from our catalog and order them separately.  

For example:  If you have a 3B/3B home, you could order a 2B/2B Turnkey Package to get the deeper discounts, then create your own third bedroom by ordering individual items from the catalog.

Can I Pickup, Transport and Install my Own Items?

Absolutely!  We have a warehouse location in the East Valley that you can visit and purchase items that are currently in stock for the prices marked at that time.  The prices marked reflect no taxes, transportation, delivery and installation.  

So, if you have the desire and ability to take the items to Rocky Point yourself, you can still enjoy great prices on great furnishings.

When Can I Expect that My Items Will Be Installed?

Right now, we are typically transporting to Rocky Point twice monthly.  At busier times, it can be as frequently as weekly.  Once items arrive in Rocky Point, they are typically installed within 2 - 7 days.  So your actual wait time from the time you order to the time installed, is usually between 15 and 30 days.

What If I am Unhappy with My Purchase?

If there is something damaged or not working upon your initial inspection, we will work with you to replace that item.  However, there can be some minor flaws and/or unnoticeable repairs that do not detract from the overall value of the item.

If you purchased a package and don’t like a particular piece of furniture, we will consider your concern on a case-by-case basis.  Our design team is skilled in selecting and matching items that complement other pieces throughout the room and home, and so long as the quality and condition are as represented, we reserve the right to discretionary remedies.  

That being said, we like happy customers and are committed to having happy customers!

What If I Have Questions about All This?

You can call our General Manager/Owner, Melody Foster at 480-234-2608.  She will be happy to answer your questions, explain anything that is unclear or assist you in choosing the best solution for you! 

What If I Live in Rocky Point and Want to Sell My Furniture?

At this time, we do not have solutions that would allow us to incorporate your furnishings into our catalog.  But, if we get enough people wanting this option, we may come up with a solution!  

In the meantime, we recommend donating it to the local community.

Contact Us today to see how we can help you and your business!