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Alberta & Ken H.

I am extremely grateful that I chose your company to have the estate sale. You definitely displayed how proud you were to do this work. I could see how you wanted to make a mutually beneficial difference. This also showed into your employees' attitude. You knew that they were reliable and you could count on them.

Kudos to professionalism that you and your staff (Chris and JIm) exhibited.

Thank you for all the special things you did

Rick B.

Please allow me to take this opportunity to offer my sincere thanks for a job well done on my estate sale in Fountain Hills, AZ. After interviewing several other estate sale companies, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going with Boyd’s. Your first visit was very impressive and description of the process was very thorough. Boyd’s under promised and over delivered. They did what they said they would do and then went the extra mile. With my impending move offshore, it was imperative that I liquidate everything, down to my guns and ammo and my automobile. Boyd’s did just that, and in time. Thanks again.

Tosha T.


The staff at Boyd's absolutely amazing!! They provided an amazing opportunity for our charity. They help us raised money to provide animal therapy to children with Autism. It was great to work with a company, owner and employees that support the local community. I highly recommend attending one of the auctions to see for yourself!!

Dianna B.


I am so thankful for Melody and her crew and for the wonderful job they did at the estate sale they did for us after my dad passed.  My dad had accumulated so much stuff over the years and I had no Idea on how to go about doing an estate sale.  Wow....Melody took all the anxiety out of the process. The sale went smoothly and they cleaned up the house after removing everything that was left over from the sale, even the patio was cleaned up. I would definitely recommend Melody and her team.

Willie B.


My 92 year old mother cherished her home and finally as a family we needed to make a decision to move her to an assisted living facility. I was the only family ember that could help her clean out her home that had a monumental amount of 25 years of collectables. In addition, I live out of state which complicated the move and we had sold the house and all mom's things had to be out in three weeks! I called Melody at Boyd's Auctions after talking to other companies. She told me that they will have the estate sale at my  moms house for one weekend. After that they move it to a warehouse and every weekend for three months they have an additional sale. After three months they will donate the remaining items to a charity. And the best part they cleaned and removed everything from the house! Melody was an angel and made the traumatic experience for our family so simple and easy. Best part yesterday I received our first check from the items that were sold. I highly recommend Boyds Auctions. You won't be disappointed!

Chris F.


As a customer who shops at Boyds AZ estate sales quite often, I love that they are willing to help me move stuff to my car -- even larger pieces of furniture.  So many companies won't help me get my purchases to my car; at another sale, I  actually had to go get my husband and come back to pick up a small desk that fit into the trunk of my car.  At Boyds AZ, they are always willing to help me -- even lifting furniture items and carrying them to my car for me.  Great customer service!  Thanks

Su H.


My mother recently passed away in Mesa, AZ, and as her Personal Representative, it fell to me to liquidate her estate. I'm sure many of you can relate to having parents who never threw ANYTHING away, and mom's house was packed from floor to ceiling, including the attic. I live in Las Vegas, so it wasn't easy to handle her affairs long distance.  I contacted several auction houses to see if they would take care of the belongings.  Most of them never even called me back, or, let me know they weren't interested.  This was not the case with Melody Foster, General Manager of Boyd's Auctions.  Once I contacted her, she called me back right away and explained all the options that were open to me.  She explained the costs and services clearly, and provided a worry-free contract. I decided to have Boyd's organize, advertise, and run the Estate Sale.  They were able to do this within three weeks of my calling them.  After they had the Sale, Melody made sure that the entire house was totally cleared out, including the attic, and cleaned. WOW!!  Now the house is "realtor ready" with a For Sale sign out front.  i received a check in the mail, along with a detailed invoice of what was sold, in less than one week of the close of the sale.

I cannot say enough about the professionalism and follow through of Melody, who I never even met personally. I would not hesitate to refer her to ANYONE who might need these kinds of services.  They also have a location where they offer occasional auctions. It's nice to know there are still people and business out there who truly give GREAT customer service!!

John L.


I live in Canada and needed to sell all the stuff in my Arizona home quickly so that my new buyers could take possession. The staff at Boyd's AZ was quick to respond and were able to handle my sale on short notice before my escrow closed. They took care of everything - I didn't even need to fly down and be involved at all! They set everything up in just two days, held a three-day sale and then removed all the leftover stuff. They even came back after everything was gone and cleaned the house - my real estate agent said I didn't need to hire a cleaning company because it was done so well. Thank you Boyd's AZ!

Dawn H.


We experienced excellent customer service with Boyd's Auction AZ.  Melody met with my family when our mother passed away unexpectedly. My siblings and I live out of state and were overwhelmed by the volume of belongings that we needed to liquidate. Melody explained the process she and her staff would use for the estate sale.  We weren't present for the sale and everything was handled by Melody and her staff start to finish.  Because they sold much of the belongings and donated the remaining items, the house was ready for sale without us ever returning to the home. We received a check for our portion of the estate sale within a short amount of time after the sale.  We would highly recommend Boyd's.

Elizabeth T.


I would like to say that I was very pleased when I walked in to the estate sale located in San Tan Valley. I was greeted with a friendly face by several people. They were very helpful and informative.  I thought that this home had great furniture at reasonable prices. Usually when I attend estate sales, I am rather upset by the high prices, but I thought that Boyd's had their pricing spot on. I cannot wait for their next sale.